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Solar working together with high efficiency hot water heaters is a great application for a laundry, hotel, motel, restaurant, car wash, dairy, etc. Just about anywhere hot water is needed solar can help to alleviate the use of only a traditional hot water heater. If solar is not an option due to certain reasons, these high efficiency hot water heaters will help to save in the overall gas or electrical uses for the business. There are some instances where the hot water heater has solar connections and with this application the hot water heater can also be included in the 40% tax credit on the system. So if a business were to replace an old hot water heater they can do so in this way and take advantage of the tax incentives. Not only are they making an investment that will pay for itself but they create another marketing angle for their business.

If a business is using propane to heat their water for their customers, solar and these high efficiency boilers could be a major benefit to the company and their overall savings. The money saved could then be invested in other aspects of their business adding even more value to their initial investment.

Right now natural gas prices are affordable, which makes the investment in solar a little less appealing. However this comes at a cost, we all know that fossil fuels have a limit to their supply; just no one is sure when this limit will be reached. Looking back at the averages the price of natural gas and propane has increased. Although there are some years where the prices stay somewhat steady they eventually rise. With this in mind solar is always a safe bet, as we are located in the heart of solar radiation in the USA.


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