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Global Warming by Stephen Skelton

I feel each and every one of us need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.
The growing season in my part of new Mexico is noticeably longer. The time between the last and the first frosts is a lot longer. The temperatures in the early morning dawn do not seem quite as cold and brisk, even after a heavy snow and cold front. The snow does not linger quite as long. I have a good friend from Taos Pueblo he was saying how the little animals are not the same, some are more abundant some less and some have moved on or vanished. He knows these things being native American and working for the tribe as a forester.
We all know the ice in the Arctic and Antarctica is melting, even the global warming skeptics cannot argue this. The average temperature of the earth has warmed from 57 degrees Fahrenheit to 58 degrees F in less than a hundred years. Climate change science is not really all that complicated, the green house effect, enhanced by the tremendous rise in CO2 in the atmosphere, is warming our earth and our oceans. I believe that by developing sustainable energy resources we can pass a stable climate on to our children and their children.
Solar energy is abundant in New Mexico. The sun shines with great intensity here in Ribera New Mexico. We can use solar energy to heat our homes and our water. Electricity generated from the sun can turn your meter backwards.
Here are some more negative effects of climate change. Forest fires are more frequent and more intense. Witness some of the great forest fires we had in the last decade, two large fires in Taos, one in Lama and one At Taos Pueblo, the Viveash fire in Pecos and the Los Alamos fire. As the earth warms the forest dries out in spring and summer before the monsoon season.
The winters were so warm for a couple of years our wonderful pinion forests were decimated by the bark beetle. The devastation caused by the bark beetle has occurred throughout the west as far north as Alaska.
People say the earth warming is a natural cycle. I do not think natural cycles happen this fast, the changes I have mentioned have happened in the last decade. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, shipping lanes are opening up in the Artic. Animal species are moving north or to a higher elevation to avoid extinction. I can see drastic changes like these happening in three or four hundred years but in one decade!
Oil, propane, electricity and natural gas are used to heat and cool our homes. These forms of energy are very convenient, so people say why even bother with alternative energy which can be expensive initially. Some people think the earth's resources are here for the taking, use them up, it is our God given duty, do not worry about the consequences, the end is coming anyway. Others say the economy will suffer if we scale back oil and gas consumption.
We are stewards of the land in my opinion, we need to conserve for our children and grandchildren.
I feel sustainable energy makes very good economic sense. Dollars spent installing a solar heating system stay in the community instead of going to an oil and gas company in Texas or even worse an overseas company. Clean renewable energy does not pollute, health problems caused by pollution negatively effect our economy.
Alternative energy is renewable, it is replenished each day the sun shines or the wind blows or the tides come in and out. Why not invest in alternative energy? The rest of the world, the Germans and the Chinese as examples, are way ahead of us. We can benefit economically from renewables. I have installed a solar heating system on my house to compliment a passive solar design. I call on more concerned citizens to do their part.
Stephen Skelton
Malachite Plumbing and Heating LLC.