Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a wonderful match with solar thermal! The temperatures at which radiant runs efficiently is exactly the range at which the solar collectors perform on a daily basis. The combination of a solar thermal system in tandem with a high efficiency boiler installed in a radiant heated home is an energy saving machine that creates a comfortable temperature in one’s living area. Radiant tubing that is in an in-slab application has one major benefit; the slab can be used for storage. Instead of having a few large tanks in the garage, mechanical room, or basement for storage, we can use the slab and save your valuable space.
If you have new construction in front of you, and have not made a decision about heating your home, radiant heating is very comfortable.  Radiant heating starts from the bottom and heats the slab/floor and radiates up through furniture and holds its temperature for a long period of time. Our goal when using solar to heat one’s slab/floor, is to heat the slab/floor above the set point so that the heat can dissipate for a longer period of time, thus using all energy possible.
Radiant floors are nice to walk on when it is freezing outside, walk around barefoot in your home happily.