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High efficiency boilers are a great asset to hydronic heating. If you have radiant heat and/or baseboard a high efficiency boiler will save on the overall energy bill for your home. These are truly smart boiler’s, they have an outdoor sensor built into them so that they sense the outside temperature and only give your home the amount of energy needed to heat it to the target temperature. Traditional boilers run full blast all the time even if only a little bit of energy is needed in your home, which is not very efficient. The high efficiency boilers are also a great back up for solar, they can do both heating and domestic hot water. We simply pipe the boiler to the Solar Hot Water tank and when the sun doesn’t come out for a few days the boiler will heat the tank quickly and efficiently. It will also prioritize the domestic hot water before heating. There are other assets to these boilers and we would be happy to answer any questions about them.


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